Download and Color

Download and colour – Printable

Stop for a moment and relax colouring some drawings.

Download and colour, because colouring has health benefits. Just in case you are looking for an excuse to get started, check some of the benefits below.

  • It calms your brain and helps you to relax and focus
  • Lower stress levels
  • Colour with children and you will smile
  • and according to this study posted by in 2016 smiling improves your mood, lowers blood pressure, relieves stress, improves relationships, etc..

So, there is no excuse, it is good for you, therefore get comfortable and enjoy time out from your busy life.

To download PDF for printing see links below. In addition, you may right click on image and save the file, either way it is free.

If you wish to post any of the images on your website or use for promotion, that is cool, all you have to do is to link back to this website and is all good.

…you will feel good, so just download and get colouring!

Download and Colour





Read about the graphic artist or you can download and colour many printable drawings,  watch some videos and visit a community art.